Eye Injuries: What You Need To Know

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Most visits to the eye doctor are routine. We may get a prescription for glasses for nearsightedness, farsightedness, or reading up close. We may receive treatments for a medical condition like glaucoma, or a surgical problem like cataracts. But every once in a while we may visit the eye doctor, or emergency room for an eye injury.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention there were 2.4 million eye related visits to emergency departments for each year between 2007-2010. 1.1 million were due to eye injuries.

What is the main cause of these injuries and can they be prevented? According to Johns Hopkins University, falling is the number one reason. Many of these falls happen to people who are 60 and older. The risk of falling can be minimized. A visit to the medical doctor is important. A review of medicines taken, previous falls, and health conditions including eye and ear disorders may prevent future falls.  Exercise programs and wearing sensible shoes may also help. A safe home environment that places furniture in small groupings, brighter lighting and contrasting colors can also be beneficial. Getting rid of hazards like waxed floors and electrical cords in pathways is important. Area rugs if not removed need to be taped down.

Following these reasonable actions may decrease falls and potential eye injuries.

Mark Bronstein, MD

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