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Your First Visit

What to Expect

Because of the comprehensive nature of your first visit, you should plan to be at our office for 1-2 hours. You will be asked to complete forms onsite or before you arrive. Next, an ophthalmic technician will review your history, record your current symptoms, and perform a preliminary eye exam. Your eyes will  be dilated with drops so the doctor can perform a thorough medical eye examination. After dilation, you are likely to be sensitive to light, so we recommend you bring sunglasses for your comfort and consider making arrangements for someone to drive you home.



What to Bring

Please bring any pre-completed forms (see list below), your eye doctor’s referral form, an HMO pre-authorization (if applicable) and your insurance card. A list of your current medications and dosages, as well as any relevant medical records, is also requested.  Finally, you may find it helpful to prepare a list of questions you may have for the doctor.

Visit Times

  • New appointment – 60-75 minute visit (includes 15 min for dilation + 15 min for paperwork)
  • Follow-up appointment – 40-60 minute appointment (includes 15 min for dilation)
  • All appointments – possible additional time for diagnostic tests & procedures

Complete Exam

Once your eyes are dilated, your physician will meet with you and review pertinent issues related to your eye problem. A complete examination will be performed using the latest and most advanced technology available.  Finally, your doctor will discuss the results of the examination with you, in detail, and answer any questions you may have.

It may be necessary to do further testing such as photography, angiography, ultrasonography, or optical coherence tomography. Each of these technologies is administered by expert personnel and utilizes the most advanced diagnostic equipment available. Testing is routinely performed on the same day and can often be accomplished in less than 15 minutes. Results are available immediately, as the technology is all digital, and requires no prolonged processing or film development. All images are directly uploaded into the electronic medical record for prompt review by the physician.

Any tests will be reviewed with you by the physician using computer terminals in each examination room. Based on the findings, your doctor may recommend a procedure or surgery. All recommendations are explained in detail, with the opportunity to ask any questions at that time.

Most office procedures can be performed on the same day. These include treatments such as laser, cyrotherapy, and intravitreal injection. Surgical procedures are typically performed in an operating room and are scheduled based on urgency.

After the Visit



At the end of your visit, you will have an opportunity to ask questions regarding any concern that has not been fully addressed or understood. A follow-up appointment will often be recommended upon your particular condition, the severity, and the prognosis. We specialize in diseases of the retina, vitreous, and macula and take pride in managing these conditions. For this reason, you will need to continue your regular appointments with your primary eye care provider to monitor your complete eye health and handle any non-retina related conditions.

Most treatments can be performed in the office although some procedures require an outpatient surgical center. Information on your evaluation, test and treatment will be sent to your referring doctor so that s/he may continue to provide optimal care on an ongoing basis.