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Eyecare United IPA

A seamlessly integrated group of doctors and specialists solely dedicated to delivering world class,
innovative, patient-centered eye care. To find out more about Eyecare United, please click HERE.

RIC’s Eyecare United IPA affiliates are listed below:

Greg McFarland, OD www.deserteyecare.com
Harry Charm, OD www.drcharm.com
Brandon Friedman, OD www.friedmanoptometry.com
Brandon Friedman, OD www.friedmanoptometry.com
Gerry Gee, OD www.gerrygeeoptometry.com
Steve Smith, OD www.LRoptometry.com
Gary M Lovcik, OD Anaheimhillsvision.com
Steven Previsich, OD Anaheimoptometry.com
Brian Lee, OD BrianLeeOptometry.com/
Phi Doan, OD drphidoanoptometry.net
Michael Swearingen, OD EyeCareOptometry.net
Tanya VanGuilder, OD FocusVisionOpt.com
Tanya VanGuilder, OD FocusVisionOpt.com
Scott Liegler, OD http://beacheye.com
Alicia Harrison, OD http://lagunaeyes.com
William Harrison, OD http://lagunaeyes.com
Steve Penn, OD http://visionsource-colimaoptometry.com
Anthony Huang, OD http://visionsource-eyecarewestoc.com
Anthony Huang, OD http://visionsource-eyecarewestoc.com
James Dallas, OD http://visionsource-jrdallasod.com
Russell Hosaka, OD http://visionsource-torrance.com
Robert Gordon, OD http://westernupcc.com/eye-care-center/
Steven Chiana, OD http://www.2020eyecarecenter.com
Eddie Wang, OD http://www.acuvisioneye.com
Robert Downs, OD http://www.anaheimhillsvision.com
Nancy Wang, OD http://www.argoeyes.com
Eric Bettelheim, OD http://www.arrowvisioncenter.com
Allen Austin, OD http://www.austinoptometrygroup.com
John Larcabal, OD http://www.breaoptometry.com
Lisa Matsui, OD http://www.breaoptometry.com
Diane Almanza, OD http://www.breaoptometry.com
Brad Baggarly, OD http://www.claremontoptometry.com
Ann Johannsen, OD http://www.claremontoptometry.com
Jennifer Szeto, OD http://www.clearvueoptometry.com
Loren Rude, OD http://www.crystalcoastoptometry.com
Taylor Bladh, OD http://www.drbladh.com
Brian Boyer, OD http://www.drboyeroptometrist.com/
Kenneth Boyer, OD http://www.drboyeroptometrist.com/
Harvey Goldstone, OD http://www.drgoldstone2020.com
Harvey Goldstone, OD http://www.drgoldstone2020.com
Jack Lebby, OD http://www.drjacklebbyod.com
John Larcabal, OD http://www.drjohnlarcabal.com
Lisa Shimada, OD http://www.drlisashimadaod.com
Robert Collins, OD http://www.drrobertcollins.com/index.html
Suzanne Goodman, OD http://www.drrobertcollins.com/index.html
Steven Israel, OD http://www.drrobertcollins.com/index.html
Greg Evans, OD http://www.evanseyecare.com
Eric Bass, OD http://www.eyedoctorandglasses.com
Eric Bass, OD http://www.eyedoctorandglasses.com
Alvin Arellano, OD http://www.focalpointoptometry.com
Alvin Arellano, OD http://www.focalpointoptometry.com
Randy Burt, OD http://www.glendoravisioncenter.com
Andrew Wong, OD http://www.goldenoptometric.com
Donald Spaulding, OD http://www.idrdon.com
Donald Guido, OD http://www.laverneoptometry.com
Rebecca Maravilla, OD http://www.maravillaod.com
Jill Chen, OD http://www.meoptometry.com
Mark Jury, OD http://www.optical-glasses-optometrist-wildomar-optometry.com
Hollie Huynh, OD http://www.optometrycare.com
Rudy Alanis, OD http://www.parkavenueoptometry.com
Patrick Lauro, OD http://www.patricklaurood.com
Cesar Bartell, OD http://www.southcoronaoptometry.com
Joe Vansuch, OD http://www.theoceyedoc.com
Kauser Sharieff, OD http://www.visionperformanceoc.com
Kauser Sharieff, OD http://www.visionperformanceoc.com
Derek Rice, OD http://www.whittiereyecare.com
William Rogoway, OD http://www.wrogoway.com
William Rogoway, OD http://www.wrogoway.com
Paul Yang, OD http://www.yangoptometric.com
Diem Nguyen, OD littlesaigonoptometry.com
Thinh Do, OD littlesaigonoptometry.com
Douglas Soderblom, OD lomalindaoptometry.com
Karen Chao, OD SGfamilyoptometry.net
Kenzo Otsuji, OD visioncenter2020.com
Donna Hong, OD visionsource-vmoptometry.com
Kailee Watson, OD watsonvision.com/
Lawrence Watson, OD watsonvision.com/
Paul Woo, OD www.1234orthok.com
John W. Elman, OD www.1800myeyedoc.com
Eileen Chang, OD www.2010visioncare.com
Son Nguyen, OD www.bakersfieldeyecare.com
Stan Yang, OD www.bakersfieldeyecare.com
Robert Shapiro, OD www.balfourshapiro.com
Andrew Balfour, OD www.balfourshapiro.com
Bruce Nguyen,OD www.clairemontoptometry.com
Kunal T. Shah, OD www.clearsiteopt.com
Donna Hong, OD www.commercecenteroptometry.com
Roger Wu, OD www.concordeyecenter.com
Arash Sadeghian, OD www.coronaoptometric.com
Pamela Miller, OD www.drpammiller.com
Tony Vu, OD www.drtonyvu.com
Stanton Kim, OD www.eyecontactoptometry.com
Maurice Friedman, OD www.friedmanoptical.com
Emily Wang, OD www.infocusvision.com
Paul Kiyan, OD www.KiyanOptometric.com
Robert Gonzalez, OD www.lakemurrayoptometric.com
Thanh-Vi Nguyen, OD www.LaQuintaEyeDoc.com
Harvey Ledesma, OD www.ledesmaopt.com
Lina Than, OD www.LToptometry.com
John Funnell, OD www.manhattanvision.com
Julie Kim, OD www.montroseoptometry.com
Chan Lee, OD www.optiqueoptometry.com
Vince Ragsdale, OD www.Optocenters.com
Vince Ragsdale, OD www.Optocenters.com
Doug Stephy, OD www.optometrists.org/stephey
Walter Yim, OD www.pacificeyecare.net
Ali Mohebbi, OD www.plazaoptometry.co
David Hoffman, OD www.psoptometry.com
Emerick Nakasone, OD www.ricknakasoneod.com
Steve Smith, OD www.RSMoptometry.com
Jenny S. Choi, OD www.see2020optometry.com
Daniel Quon, OD www.SouthCoastOptometry.com
Steve Klein, OD www.tvceyes.com
Kim Plattner, OD www.tvceyes.com
Stanton Kim, OD www.visioncareod.com
Duong Nguyen, OD www.visionenhancementcenter.com
Tony Lieu, OD Www.visionsource-eagleglen.com
Stephen Chinn, OD www.visionsource-schinnod.com