Retina Associates Guide to Halloween Contact Lenses

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retina associates contact lenses Halloween

The retina associates of RIC realize that some of you will be looking to take your costume to the next level this Halloween by adding special effect contact lenses. The unfortunate reality is that scariest part of doing so could be the damaging effects on your eyes. When it comes to the wide array of contact lens purveyors on the internet, not every store or lens is created equal. While some lenses may be purchased from an optometrist or retina associates, others may be obtained in an illegal “one-size-fits-all” manner from an over-the-counter vendor. What should you do?

Making sure the lens is customized for you is crucial. A true “one-size-fits-all” contact lens does not exist. The only safe lens is one that is fit to your eye and prescription. It is also not safe for a patient to use contact lenses without proper instruction of care and use. Those who purchase lenses from a non-optometrist (eye doctor) are putting themselves at risk for allergic reactions, bacterial infections, and potential vision loss.

Retina Associates of RIC’s Top 5 Risks of wearing one-size-fits-all special effect contact lenses

1. Bacterial infection
2. Corneal abrasion (scratched eye)
3. Itchy, red, or water eyes
4. Impaired vision
5. Vision loss


If you are wearing contact lenses (special effect or normal) and experience any symptoms like discomfort, redness, or vision distortion, please take them out and talk to your optometrist. While the FDA does regulate normal and decorative contact lenses, that doesn’t stop boutiques, salons, and internet schemers from selling their own brand of unregulated colored lenses. If you are unable to see an optometrist (which we don’t recommend), at least make sure your lenses are FDA approved. The last thing you want this Halloween is for your spooky costume to be more of a trick than a treat.

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