Retina Institute Lancaster Receives 5 Star Award

Created December 18, 2014 by in Events, Retina, Retina Specialist
retina surgeon lancaster 5 star

The Five Star Quality Rating System for Medicare Advantage Plans was established by the Federal government (specifically, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) to rate the quality of patient care and customer service delivered by these Plans (i.e., the better care and service delivered, the more stars are awarded, up to a maximum of five). This rating system thus allows Medicare beneficiaries to compare different Medicare health plans in the same geography, and thus choose those plans ranked as having the highest overall service quality. Ophthalmology  institutions like Retina Institute strive for high rankings.

In February of 2014, the Retina Institute of California (RIC) partnered with the High Desert Medical Group (HDMG) in the Antelope Valley to provide comprehensive ophthalmology services to their members. In order to achieve a Five Star rating, HDMG needed to conduct retinal eye exams for at least 77% of its diabetic members. Through the tireless efforts of the doctors and staff of CEES and RIC, HDMG was able to achieve that Five Star rating in 2014. HDMG management noted this was the first time any provider group had ever been able to assist them in achieving this coveted quality ranking.

Although many physician groups can claim to be “all about patient care and customer service”, this Five Star ranking system provides a clear means of differentiating between those groups that simply make the claim, versus those who can objectively demonstrate that ability. Our CEES and RIC ophthalmology doctors are proud to be in the latter category.

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