Retina Research Studies: 2016 And Beyond

Created December 29, 2016 by in Retina Specialist

At Retina Institute of California, our goal is to help those suffering from severe vision loss. As one of the largest Retina sub-specialty practices in the country, we realized that we were uniquely positioned to conduct different types of Clinical Research which enables the development of novel treatments.

We have become involved in several clinical trials. One of our most promising trials involves anew type of surgery to implant stem cells beneath the retina to restore and regrow damaged tissue. We are one of seven centers privileged to participate in this ground breaking research. The study has now entered phase II, and we are very excited about the results thus far. You can view all other current Clinical Trials we are participating in under the ‘current
recruitment’ tab on our website.

We believe everyone deserves the gift of sight. By educating patients and other physicians aboutretinal disease, we continue to strive towards this important goal. By being involved in Clinical Trials, it allows us to expand and extend our mission to improve the lives of those who have lost vision.

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