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Why Choose Us?

The Retina Institute was founded on the premise of developing a new model of patient care and clinical excellence. The two founders envisioned an institute that would offer a higher standard of patient care not previously available. Our goal is to combine the academic freedom and creativity afforded standard university-based practices with the efficiency and patient-centered focus of a private practice.  Adhering to this vision is what has made us the largest institute in the Western United States.

1. 61 Minute Average Visit Time

When you make an appointment for 9AM, you shouldn’t have to worry about  missing a 12PM meeting. We understand that our patients have places they need to be, which is why we never overbook. Your time is valuable and we treat it as such.

2.  Over 100,000 Served Per Year

With over 30 locations in the state of California, you’re guaranteed to have a quality Retina Specialist near you. Our person-oriented approach ensures that our patients have meaningful, long-lasting relationships with their doctors.

3. Hey, We Speak That!

Not only do we recruit from the top Opthalmology programs in the country, but many of our doctors are multilingual. Test our Arabic, Armenian, Cantonese, Farsi, French, Korean, Italian, Mandarin, Spanish, or Vietnamese.

Still not convinced? See what our patients have to say.